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2i Towers, a company indirectly controlled by F2i, has launched a voluntary public tender offer on the entire share capital of EI Towers

By means of this transaction F2i aims to foster the ownership separation process of an important Italian telecommunication infrastructure from the activity involving the provision of TV services, a process which has already been started some time ago with success on an international level.

Milan, 16 July 2018. 2i Towers – a special purpose company fully owned by 2i Towers Holding, which is indirectly controlled by F2i, with an important minority stake held by Mediaset – has launched a Voluntary Public Tender Offer on the entire share capital of EI Towers S.p.A.

EI Towers, a listed company, is the owner and manages the main Italian network for the transmission of the TV signal (over 2,300 towers), a network for the transmission of mobile telephone services (over 1,100 towers) and has a fiber optic backbone of over 6,000 km serving its infrastructure.

The Offer, whose essential terms are detailed in the notice published in accordance with art. 102 of the Italian Consolidated Financial Act, available on the website, provides for a consideration equal to Euro 57.00 for each share, entailing a premium equal to 19.2% compared to the weighted average of the prices recorded during the six months preceding the announcement of the transaction.

This transaction aims to strengthen the industrial outlook of EI Towers through a gradual ownership separation and distinction between companies holding telecommunications infrastructure assets and companies providing television contents, an event which has already been started some time ago with success on an international level.

F2i, an Italian and independent asset management company, intends to start a new platform in the field of the telecommunications infrastructures. Such platform follows those operating in the renewable energy, air transport, energy distribution networks, payment services and social infrastructure fields.

The completion of the transaction is subject to, inter alia, the achieving by 2i Towers of an equity interest above 90% of EI Towers share capital and the unconditional approval of the Antitrust Authority.

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