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Assindustria Venetocentro: Massimo Malvestio’s speech

Italian companies are increasingly exploring alternative financial solutions: this typically refers to the mini-bond market, private equity funds, industrial partners joining the company, or stock exchange listing. In the Veneto region, for example, there are about 90 companies that may be interested in opening up their capital to third parties. Lawyer Massimo Malvestio, Founder of Praude Asset Management, addressed these issues on December 2 during an event organized by Assindustria Venetocentro.
In his speech, the lawyer stressed the importance of identifying the most efficient partners based on the specific needs of companies. It is therefore necessary to evaluate each of the alternatives on an informed basis and with attention. Massimo Malvestio also focused on the listing process that leads companies to enter the capital markets, describing it as “a long, expensive and very demanding process for companies”. Praude Asset Management’s Founder also added that he has seen “people spend millions while reaching quotes with costs close to the 20% of the amount of money they received”.
According to the lawyer, “if it is possible to receive money from banks, also considering the interest rates, then this possibility must always be taken into consideration”. The stock market can therefore be considered a “valid option” if other methods of raising capital are lacking: “It is difficult for a good company not to find banks or private equity operators willing to intervene”, Praude Asset Management’s Founder pointed out.
In addition to Massimo Malvestio, the event was attended by Vice President of Assindustria Venetocentro Marco Stevanato, CIO and Founding Partner of Helikon Investments Federico Riggio, and Director of “Nordest Economia” Paolo Possamai.

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