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CDP recognizes Danieli as a Supplier Engagement Leader

For outstanding sustainability practices in supply and value chains

CDP, a global non-profit that drives companies and governments to reduce their greenhouse emissions, safeguard resources and protect forests, has appointed Danieli Supplier Engagement Leader, making it one of the top 7% of companies worldwide that are members of the Carbon Disclosure Project 2020.

In 2020, 9,600 companies, which represent more than 50% of the capitalization of global stock markets, disclosed their environmental data through the CDP initiative and were classified on a scale from a minimum of “F” to a maximum of “A”.

Danieli’s ability to use its value chain to guide suppliers towards sustainable development has been recognized, and for this it was given an “A” rating, placing it in the highest “management category” in a position of Leadership.

The rating given to Danieli can be seen in its plan to transition towards a manufacturing process characterized by low carbon emissions, in the approach of dedicating more and more attention to environmental, social and corporate governance issues (ESG), and in its future-oriented strategy. This is also reflected in its relations with its partners, in keeping with the principles of mutual collaboration and the expectations associated with them.

Not only do our suppliers have to ensure safe working conditions, efficiency and compliance with our quality standards but they also have to reduce their emissions with a view to improving their energy efficiency, while promoting awareness and knowledge of environmental regulations.

This is proven by our subsidiary Acciaierie Bertoli Safau (ABS), which is the group’s main consumer of electricity, as its suppliers have declared that their operations have a low environmental impact. And, to adapt to the technological transition to low-emission mobility, it has obtained a license and adopted autonomous rail transportation.

For Danieli, sustainability is not an alternative but a fundamental strength to guarantee the company’s competitive edge.

The decarbonization of steelmaking has become a worldwide project in which Danieli is actively participating as a leader throughout the entire supply chain.
In the decades to come, climate change will continue to shape the innovations and strategies of companies: In order to achieve the targets of the Paris Agreement, opportunities and areas of action will have to be identified, not only to maintain the solidity of its assets but also to ensure future financial returns.

This is the path towards the “new normal” that Danieli is already following to create a green, sustainable future.

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