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CEO Lorenzo Vangelisti announces Valeur Group’s takeover of the investment management of CLO Fund

Founded and headed by CEO Lorenzo Vangelisti, Valeur Group is an independent firm with extensive experience in asset management, investment advisory, trading, research, and real estate services. Since its establishment in 2010, the firm has built a truly global reality comprising five complementary entities: Valeur Capital Ltd, Valeur Securities SA, Valeur SA, Valeur Concept SA, and LinkedTrade Technologies Ltd.

Among the Group’s latest operations is the takeover of the investment management of ISP-Ardesia CLO Fund (now Ardesia CLO Opportunity Fund), which has been added to Valeur Group’s investment solutions offering. As part of the operation, CEO Lorenzo Vangelisti also confirmed that the Group has hired Ron Zeltzer as Portfolio Manager of the Ardesia CLO Opportunity Fund, which he has successfully managed since its launch in 2020.

Valeur Group and ISP’s collaboration on the CLO Fund started in April 2020: since then, the financial firm has offered structuring services for the Fund within its Ardesia platform, while ISP has served as investment manager. The Group explained that taking over of the Fund’s investment management came amid “various possibilities to be explored”, with a particular focus on the distribution side and fund visibility.

The firm led by CEO Lorenzo Vangelisti also observed that “the Ardesia CLO Opportunity Fund invests in different classes of collateralized loan obligations, seeking to optimize risk and return in the context of market conditions and macroeconomic risk factors”. Since its launch, the Fund has won several prestigious awards including GlobalCapital’s CLO Investor of the Year (Junior/Mezz), SharingAlpha’s Top Global Fixed Income Fund in 2021 and the Best Euro CLO Equity Investor Award by Creditflux (Q3 2022). The Fund was also shortlisted as Best New CLO Fund in Creditflux Manager Awards in 2021.

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