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Embracing change: Valeur Group’s vision at the 17th inFormazione Prometeia Advisor Sim

In a world of dynamic change, where change is the only constant, the importance of understanding, adapting and defining strategies cannot be overestimated. In this context, Valeur Group’s participation at the 17th edition of inFormazione Prometeia Advisor Sim, with the theme “Uno sguardo ampio verso un mondo in transizione”, shows the company’s commitment to staying in step with global developments. The event, held in Brussels from 22 to 25 June, provided an opportunity for discussion and insight into the changing landscape that influences investment choices today.

The focus was on the multitude of changes that are reshaping the investment landscape, including global geopolitical and economic systems, climate and energy crises, the disruptive influence of digital technologies, and the persistent challenges caused by military and economic conflicts. Central to the debates was the role of the European Union, a key player in the ongoing transition. This transition, which requires a collective vision and shared management strategies, testifies to the interconnection of our global society.

Valeur Group, an independent company specialized in asset management, advisory, risk management, trading and real estate, expressed its appreciation for the event through a post on LinkedIn. The group thanked Prometeia organisers, and all employees involved in the organisation of this extraordinary event. The meticulous attention to detail created a welcoming and intellectually stimulating environment, supporting engaging discussions and insights.

Founded in 2010 by CEO Lorenzo Vangelisti, Valeur Group manages over EUR 2 billion of assets. With 20 investment funds including management and advisory roles, the Group’s extensive relationships with more than 25 market players further consolidate its position as a leader in the industry. This successful track record is the culmination of the synergetic efforts of its five subsidiaries: Valeur SA, Valeur Capital Ltd, Valeur Securities SA, Valeur Concept SA and LinkedTrade Technologies. Powered by a team of experienced professionals with significant industry experience, the company exemplifies the power of expertise and collaboration.

As economies intertwine and global landscapes evolve, companies like Valeur Group position themselves as proactive contributors, shaping and guiding the course of change rather than merely reacting to it. Showcasing the essence of collaborative foresight, the event allowed participants to explore the challenges and opportunities presented by this era of transformation, emphasising the crucial role of shared efforts to face the future.

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