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F2i completed acquisition of 37.3% of KOS

On 17th May 2016 a consortium of investors, led by F2i, whose CEO is Renato Ravanelli, finalized the acquisition of the 37.3% of KOS, company among the major national players in the healthcare sector, from Ardian, for € 240 million. The consortium, which includes the Second F2i Fund and an international investor, bought the stake through the investment company F2i Healthcare. It is being discussed the possible entry of a foreign Sovereign Fund in F2i Healthcare, a company in which F2i will continue to maintain a controlling stake. As of today, the shareholders of KOS consists of CIR to 62.7% and to 37.3% by F2i Healthcare. Dr. Carlo Michelini, Director General and Head of the F2i Investments area, has been appointed Chairman of KOS S.p.A.

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