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Innovation and green commitment: Danieli Group’s sustainable solutions for metal production

The metal production sector is facing increasingly restrictive limits on the use of natural resources, emissions, waste production, and noise pollution effects both within the plant and in the surrounding environment. To comply with these new environmental obligations, industrial producers need reliable partners with knowledge, experience, and commitment to ensuring operational health, sustainability, and competitiveness without slowing down metal production.

It is in this context that Danieli Group’s ongoing commitment to researching and developing innovative solutions for environmental sustainability and profitability focuses on four main areas.

First of all, the Group is committed to minimizing environmental impact and promoting sustainability by utilizing advanced technologies for fume treatment and noise reduction. This includes the use of cyclone and bag filters for EAF dust abatement, cooling of high fume temperatures with heat recovery, and treatment of primary gas from BOF.

Also, the preservation of water as a precious natural resource is of utmost importance. In order to meet market demands, there is a pressing need to reduce the amount of wastewater being discharged and implement more efficient cooling systems for various industrial processes, leading to a significant decrease in overall fresh water consumption. Danieli Group can rely on technological solutions, including softening, demineralization, ultrafiltration, and reverse osmosis, that have demonstrated their effectiveness in tackling potential issues associated with future water shortages and pollution resulting from industrial activities.

The third area includes the achievement of energy savings by reducing emissions in order to implement measures to increase the efficiency of energy usage in production plants. This can be accomplished by automating start-stop functions based on the actual operational needs of the plant. In addition, recovering waste heat from the fume treatment process can be accomplished through the use of Clean Heat Recovery (CHR™) technology, which can result in significant energy savings.

Another important aspect concerns the principles of circular economy: they require that waste materials be recycled and reused in production processes. Danieli Group has developed the Ecogravel® process to convert hazardous slags into certified industrial aggregates suitable for reuse in civil construction projects. Additionally, the dust produced by the Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) is considered a valuable resource, and can be used to recover crude zinc using the Inductec® process. Through its total recycling concept, the company offers metal producers a comprehensive solution for managing and reusing solid waste materials.

The Group’s commitment to sustainability and innovation in metal production is clearly evident in its new project, the MiDa (Minimill Danieli), which has become its flagship product for producing green steel without a reheating furnace. The MiDa is powered by renewables and has the potential to use hydrogen in the future. The company has recently signed a contract with Unitex Steel Mills in Bangladesh to supply a complete and green plant for steel production, equipped with the Digimelter QOne that can also be powered by renewable energy sources. The MiDa plant is capable of producing one million tons per year of long products and is expected to start operations in the fourth quarter of 2024. This new project is a clear demonstration of Danieli Group‘s commitment to more sustainable production methods with low CO2 emissions and reduced energy consumption.

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