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Interview with Giuseppe Recchi at Radio1

J: General Electric is one of the biggest American multinational groups operating in the service and finance businesses. With a 2007 turnover of 173 billion dollars and revenues of more than 22 billion, GE aims at expanding especially in the emerging countries.

In order to better understand the strategy of this colossus especially in view of a stop of world economy, Alessandra Narduzzi has interviewed the President of GE in Italy and South East Europe, Giuseppe Recchi.

GR: General Electric is a diversified company operating in different sectors: manufacture, finance and media. It represents, I believe, a unique example in the world as for dimension and diversification.  Today the world is mainly looking for infrastructures. We have a big business that produces aircraft engines, trains, railway systems, power turbines and that is active in the water treatment. This represents, without any doubt, one of our main growth opportunities.

The second growth trend is represented by the healthcare business. We are one of the biggest divisions in the world operating in the healthcare market and producing innovative machineries.

D: What are the main geographical areas you are targeting?

R: Despite the world, economy is on a slowdown, there are some markets that still have a wide growth margin. China has a 10% growth potential, India 7%, and all the businesses where GE operates represent our main areas of interest. As for the markets, they are mainly in the Middle East, Africa, Central Europe and Far East.

D: Will you invest in Italy?

R: Yes for sure. Italy is a really interesting market both for its dimension and for its capacity to convey know how and talents.

D: A slowdown of world economy is now took for granted. What do you think will be the effects on your company?

R: We think they will be irrelevant because we are a diversified company operating in many different sectors and our main activities are focused in those markets with the highest growth potential.

FONTE: Radio 1

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