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Luigi Ferraris on 2018-2022 Terna’s plan

Luigi Ferraris: "The energy system is evolving, global action backed by both the United Nations and the European Union is encouraging us to play our part in sustainable development, moving towards a decarbonised system with a large amount of energy from renewable sources. Within this framework, the Italian grid operators are key in guaranteeing the security of a balanced electricity system and the full integration of renewables for the benefit of the entire system. Terna is playing its part with a strategic plan that we have indicated as "Grids and Values", to underline the importance of values as a sustainable approach when developing the grid, to the benefit of all. This plan is based on three strategic guidelines and two enabling factors. The three strategic guidelines are: 1) Domestic regulated operations, considered a priority: in Italy we will invest to reinforce and improve the resilience and sustainability of the Italian transmission grid 2) Non-regulated operations: we will leverage high-value added solutions for the energy transition alongside our operations as a TSO. 3) Internationally: we wish to play a key role on the European arena, making Italy a strategic hub within the Mediterranean, whilst we’ll continue our work in Latin America harnessing our core skills and competences. These three strategic guidelines are supported by two enabling factors: 1) innovation and digitisation 2) our people, their skills. For us, a key element. This is clearly indicated in our plan, which gives priority to investments in Italy, € 5.3 billion in 5 years – or 30% up versus previous plan – which will generate benefits for the whole electricity system. It also comes with a generous and improved dividend policy compared to the previous plan, guaranteeing a predictable and secure return on investment for all our shareholders".

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