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Luigi Ferraris (Terna): Energy and Infrastructure are drivers for development and welfare

“Terna is ready to face the challenge of making the country’s network more secure, more efficient and more resilient”: CEO and General Manager, Luigi Ferraris, on an article published by The Voice of Business focused on energy and infrastructures. Moreover, he shows the business model of his Group based in particularly on sustainability and dialogue with their stakeholders.

Terna: CEO and General Manager Luigi Ferraris writes an article on energy and infrastructure

“Investments are an opportunity to support the growth of the Italian economy. We are strongly committed to playing a leading role as an infrastructure operator for the Country”, according to Terna CEO and General Manager, Luigi Ferraris. On a recent article published by The Voice of Business, the Italian top manager recalled Terna’s strong commitment aimed at guaranteeing “ever-increasing electricity service-quality levels and to support the current energy transition with innovative technological solutions”. Ferraris also believes that an acceleration in investments in infrastructure is the enabling factor for a rapid transition. Terna has allocated over the next ten years 12 billion euro for investments destined entirely for the benefit of the Country, “with positive economic and social impacts for Regions and local communities”. These investments are to achieving increasingly interconnected and technologically-developed power systems, thus reducing environmental impact. As of today, it is well known that electricity from renewable sources fosters sustainable and climate-friendly economic development. Moreover, renewables lead to a shift away from a traditional energy system, towards a more complex integrated one.

Terna: Luigi Ferraris, “Sustainability is driving our business model”

In its article, CEO and General Manager Luigi Ferraris confirms that sustainability is driving the business model of Terna. “We are well aware that business needs to be ever mindful of human rights and of the environmental impact of operations. Running a business is not only a matter of adding value to the enterprise itself, but also of disseminating positive values and minimizing conflict”, added Luigi Ferraris. For this particular reason, Terna introduced an inclusive business model which listens to local communities and stakeholders. The dialogue with their stakeholders is the strength of Terna, as the CEO stressed: “Here at Terna, dialogue with our stakeholders forms the basis of everything we do. We take a proactive approach to engagement with interested parties, such as national and local authorities, municipalities, the general public, trade unions and environmental organizations, and we firmly believe that the stakeholder involvement is key to delivering our business objectives and to improving social welfare as a whole”. Terna’s strong effort has widely been recognized: with its tenth consecutive placing in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, the Group led by CEO Luigi Ferraris ranked first in the global Electric Utility sector for its sustainability performance. In addition, Terna is also present in other important international sustainability indices such as Bloomberg GEI, Euronext (World, Europe and Eurozone), FTSE4Good (Global and Europe), STOXX® ESG (Global, Environmental, Social and Governance), STOXX® Low Carbon, ECPI, ESI (Ethibel Sustainability Index), MSCI, United Nations Global Compact (“GC100”); and in the Italian indices FTSE ECPI Italia SRI Benchmark and Italia SRI Leaders, drawn up only from listed Italian companies.

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