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Luigi Ferraris: Terna is working jointly with other European TSO to keep the light on during the Covid-19 pandemic

We need to jointly ensure the stability of the electrical system, the service continuity and the operation of our network infrastructures, which represent the real backbone of the interconnected electricity system on a continental scale“, it is said in a declaration signed by Terna CEO Luigi Ferraris and CEOs of electricity TSO from Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, and Switzerland. With the aim of keeping the light on in Europe and restarting an ever greener economy, indeed, power Transmission System Operators are working full speed and across borders since the COVID-19 outbreak, in order to limit the consequences of the pandemic on people, electricity supply and the economy. “Our main concern is of course to keep the light on and to ensure electrical comfort for health care services totally dedicated to the crisis“, stated the CEOs signatories of the declaration, adding that “Our highest priority is to keep our staff healthyespecially those who are working in critical positions like the national control centres or indispensable staff for priority preventive maintenance works and urgent damage repairs on our grids“. In order to do so, Terna, the company led by CEO and General Manager Luigi Ferraris, and other European TSO are regularly exchanging about prevention plans and specific measures, starting with those concerning hygiene and health protection for staff members, as well as the preparation of different reduction staff scenarios. In addition to this, the measures taken by the electricity Transmission System Operators – in cooperation with national authorities – are aimed at ensuring secure power system operations, the performing of priority maintenance operations where necessary, and the markets functioning in times of declining electricity demand. “Anticipating a secure operation of the power system and preparing our infrastructures and the security of the electricity system are integral parts of our missions of general interest“, emphasized the CEOs, adding that “Wherever possible and sensible, our companies are continuing to work on construction projects, electrical connections and maintenance operations that are needed now and in the near future for a sustainable and affordable power system“. The joint TSO-CEO Statement on COVID-19 pandemic concluded with a reference to the Paris Agreement on climate change: “Keeping the electricity system future proof, supporting the energy transition, the national plans and the European Green New Deal in line with the Paris Agreement is our joint mission“, CEOs stated, “and will be a stable growth motor in all our countries in the years to come“. The electricity Transmission System Operators CEOs signatories of the joint Statement on COVID-19 pandemic so far are: François Brottes (RTE), Gerhard Christiner (APG), Luigi Ferraris (Terna), Roberto Garcia (REE), Klaus Kleinekorte (AMPRION, CTO), Chris Peeters (ELIA Group), Manon van Beek (TENNET), Yves Zumwald (SWISSGRID).

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