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Per4m Asset Management LLP : assignment for Amber Fund Sicav accepted

Dr. Iyad Farah has announced that Per4m Asset management (PAM) LLP, has been approached by Amber Fund Sicav (“Amber”) to perform the duties of Investment Manager for Amber. PAM has accepted such nomination. Dr Farah commented that “this nomination is a confirmation of the good work undertaken by PAM since its creation in July 2015

About Amber Fund Sicav: It is a Luxembourg based Collective Investment scheme under the UCITS V European Union legislation. Amber is currently in the construction phase and will be operational and ready for launch once it has received the relevant authorization from the Luxembourg “Controle de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (“CSSF”).  This license will entitle Amber to a European Union wide distribution license (“European Passport”). The sponsors of Amber intend to launch a SICAV with 2 compartments, rapidly raising to 4 compartments.

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