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Valeur Group

Founded in 2010 by Lorenzo Vangelisti (current Chief Executive Officer), Valeur Group is an independent company operating in asset management, advisory, risk management, trading and real estate. The Group manages its activities in Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Luxembourg: its business, supported by a team of 18 experienced investment professionals, includes 20 investment funds in management and advisory, 1.6 billion euros in asset under management, as well as solid relationships with 25 market operators.
The team’s experience provides high added-value solutions to create personalized investment strategies: efficiency, excellence and responsiveness allow to carry out the Group’s mission, ensuring clients solid portfolios and competitive returns.
Valeur Group comprises Valeur SA, Valeur Capital Ltd, Valeur Securities SA, Valeur Concept SA and LinkedTrade Technologies. The synergy of the five companies, together with their performance, produces excellent services and products for their clients.
The Group’s investment processes focus on optimal allocation, detailed analysis on the construction of portfolio, the search for the best opportunities and a strict discipline in risk management and decision-making. Over the years, the success achieved by the company has allowed the growth of a reliable system and the increase of the activities and products offered, which range across different geographic areas, asset classes, management styles and objectives.
Competitive results, high returns, excellent services and products are the main objectives of Valeur Group‘s activity. The company shares CFA Institute ethical and professional standards and is in line with the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), a UN initiative incorporating ESG principles with asset and investment management. Some team members are CFA Charterholders. Local financial supervisory authorities (FCA and CSSF) have authorised the Group’s companies which operate in conformity with the new MIFID II regulatory directive.