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Sebastien Clamorgan (Venia International): Eat’N’Go opens 100th store

Domino’s Pizza Nigeria, Cold Stone Creamery and Pinkberry Gourmet Frozen Yoghurt belong to Eat’N’Go, a joint venture including Venia International as shareholder, a company founded by Sebastien Clamorgan, whose aim is to open the gateways to Africa and Middle East. Recently, Eat’N’Go opened its 100th outlet in the country, after the renovation and re-opening of its Yaba Lagos Outlet. In this regard, the CEO Patrick McMichael is extremely grateful for his employees, customers, partners and the public for their loyalty and support over the years, declaring: “We are excited to be celebrating the opening of our 100th store in Nigeria. This is a huge accomplishment for us, especially because we achieved this in seven years. We are also grateful to the operating environment for helping us excel in our business even in the midst of challenges. We have experienced goodwill from staffs, and particularly our customers who have been there for us, as we continue to grow as a quick service restaurant in Nigeria“.
Headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, Eat’n’Go is a food and beverage group which started operations in 2012 with the opening of its Saka Tinubu store with the brands Domino’s Pizza and Cold Stone creamer. In seven years, the company expanded to several region across the country, achieving surprising results.

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